November 04, 2017

What's new at CITY HOUSE PREMIER buildings ?

Thanks to all of your support and in order to meet the huge demand for accommodation, we proudly introduce to you CITY HOUSE PREMIER - our new apartment segment which will be available with 130 luxury units locating in 3 magnificent buildings.

What's new at CITY HOUSE PREMIER buildings ?
▫️The luxuriest standard you've ever experienced.
▫️365 top to toe service help you to alleviate your concerns throughout the year.
▫️Private rooftop pool only serve for inhouse tenants.
▫️More and more quality product particularly designed for Expat Community in Saigon - Vietnam

Especially, we would like to say a big thank to Mr. Kevin - the pioneer in forming City House Premier with us - also the landlord of Dang Tat Premier. Thank you for your tremendous contribution and we hope you can stand by our side in longterm.

From City House with 🖤

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