What can we expect from serviced apartments at $600-$700 in Ho Chi Minh city ? (Part 1)

July 09, 2018

What can we expect from serviced apartments at $600-$700 in Ho Chi Minh city ? (Part 1)

On a sunny and chilling day, I walked in a Somerset serviced apartment with expectation to have a perfect living space for 6 months working apart from home in Ho Chi Minh city center.

Just like you, I expect to have swimming pool to freely float in for some moments every nights after long day at work. I also expect them to have gym area, hoping to get my office-man-body fit a little bit like few times per week. Sometimes, a little bit more steam bath is enough to me.

I also don’t have enough time when I’ve already had to face with KPI, OT, deadlines everyday, coming back to my apartment with a chaos of dirty clothes and unwashed dishes. I allow myself to get more lazy, get served better, so I can focus on 6 months here in order to get the highest result of my work. I’m going on a business trip anyway ~

And, just like what I thought, they can meet almost all of my demand, except 1 thing, money  my dear. My company just approve for my budget approximately $1000/month in 6 months, and, I have to doubly charge for my whole demand. Saigon weather seems getting harsh, not chilling as I first step in…

District 1, district 3, I’ve been travelling from Somerset to Sherwood, even condominiums as Vinhomes, Novaland. The intensed sunlight rings me a bell to a proverb: “Everything is not always as it seems”.

Is there any options realy close to district 3? I started to reduce my criterions to pamper myself daily, I accept to move further to work. That’s it, we all cannot have everything that we want, talk to myself.

And, I’m continuely searching for something. Out there, Saigon is having a moonsoon…

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