February 12, 2020

Unexpected benefit of yoga in 15 minutes a day.

Yoga nowdays isn’t only mentioned as activity to exercise, but also show a gentle and modern lifestyle. However, people often skip yoga because they think 15 minutes won’t bring any benefit.
Let’s explore some unexpected benefits of yoga in 15 minutes a day!


Improve health

Regular yoga exercises won’t affect only a single group of muscles or some body – part, it will affect all parts and help your blood circulate faster, the volume of lungs increases thanks to the body absorbs more nutrients, oxygen and eliminates excess and toxic elements in the body. Thus, your body will be healthy, toned, repelling all diseases.


Improve physique

Yoga is a special subject that can help fat people lose weight and thin people can gain weight. Yoga has many exercises with different intensity that requires all muscles to work at full capacity to complete equilibrium postures, thereby waking up fat burning process and consuming excess energy.

For fat people, yoga exercises will help to drain excess energy but without feeling hungry, cravings applied to scientific diet will improve physique quickly. As for thin people, practicing yoga helps to increase metabolism, stimulate blood circulation, improve digestion, help weight gain effectively.


Improve morale

Sometimes at work you will lost inspiration, lack of ideas. So take a break and go to the yoga class, let your mind take a few minutes to rest, sometimes good ideas will come to you at the "weirdest" times.

In fact, those moments are not bizarre, according to science, when you exercise, your brain will absorb more nutrients and oxygen so neurons will be more sensitive, helping you There are good ideas.


Improve sex life

Yoga helps both men and women in sex. Yoga exercises help improve the functions of all parts of the body, increase flexibility for muscles, especially the hips, pelvis and groin, thereby improving sexual ability.

In particular, for women, when practicing Mula Bandha will make the PC - pubococcygeus muscles (the group of muscles running from the pubic bone to the coccyx) firmer, help increase desire and easily orgasm. For men, this exercise has the effect of extending the time to the top, making pillows more pleasing.

Improve personal values and expand relationships

Improve personal values and expand relationships

Besides spiritual and physical values, yoga nowadays becomes a modern lifestyle. Yoga is not only helps you have a nice body, a better version of yourself but also an opportunity for you to meet and learn about people who choose a "lifestyle" style of life so that they can have more friends and more interesting lesson.

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