April 11, 2020


Architect Mies Van de Rohe is famous for saying: "Less is more". Less means more.

 Understandably;  If you pay attention to fewer people at the same time, the attention each person receives will be more.
And when the number of people is at least 1, the interest will be the most.  In a different light, little means alot.

 Today is day 12 of social distancing, everything seems to be slowing down.  If you have to go to the street, you will probably feel everything is "Less", but it is also the time you feel the air, feel the sunlight through the trees, feel the oddly peaceful... That's "alot" already.

 And, since this is still an article about your architectural style, after we have learned about "Less is more", it will be easier to feel.

 That's the Minimalist style: Minimalist.

 1. Space and color: The simplest understanding means that you enter a space without much to admire, it's simple in shape, minimal in detail, including horizontal straight lines.  The most basic.  The colors are usually soothing, a key tone, you will not see more than 3 colors in a typical Minimalist design.  It will make your eyes feel much lighter.

 2. Materials: when the development of decorative and decorative materials today is so diverse, minimalism means returning to what is most pristine: stone, natural wood, rough concrete, etc.

 3. Light: When everything becomes simple, the light sure to filter precious through each natural sunlight slot is the necessary highlight for a simple space.

 4. Decorations and furniture: Minimalist to the end, meaning that you no longer need anything, or simply, hide everything out of sight to return to the space of the most pristine beauty of  it.  In other words, you don't need decorations in a minimalist space.

 The Minimalist style can fascinate anyone like the way we see a meditator really feels interesting, but if you have never meditated, it will not be as easy as you think for the first time.  .

 So, you may like the Minimalist at first sight, but whether you have the courage to invest yourself in such a living space, or willing to live in such a space....

 Find the answer yourself.

 (Author's personal view of the Minimalist)

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