Flop House to Serviced Apartment Transformation Diary

July 13, 2018

Flop House to Serviced Apartment Transformation Diary

Me? 26 years old, having a well-paid job $1300/month and I was not born in Saigon indeed but I will become fond of this place in the next 3 years to develop my career. Oh, and I’m a woman, I’m funny, I’m friendly… mostly I think?

Frankly to say, it’s easy and not easy at the same time for me to survive in this fancy city.

It’s easy because the local people here are always welcomed and hospitable. I was astonished at the first time I come here. It seems everybody surround me that I know or unknown are always kindly instruct and support me with their bright smiles. The feeling was totally fine, I talk to myself, c’est la vie…

But harsh time does come obviously. Sometimes, too many instructions lead me to nowhere. And after all, I have to rely on my 6th sense to give out decisions. There is no doubt that women like us have a flair for it, specially who have to take care for everything like me. But, sharp does not mean right.

After I settling down my job, receiving my first salary here, the first thing I do is moving to a new place to stay after 1 month staying at my relative house (Yub, you’re thinking right, staying at somebody else’s house never be an optimal decision). Before that, I was seeking and consulting from a lot of my friends and then I choose the thing that my sense told me to: a flophouse with only 6 million in district 7.

Theoretically, it’s a logical selection. Apart from my office 20 mins riding bike, the building has security guard because first criterion is secure you know ~. I got my landlady clean my lovey-dovey 18m2 room once per week, private toilet, fridge and air-conditioner. To me, that’s cool enough. 6 million for everything like that is way too fine with my income and demand.

Day by day in 3 months, now I officially become a local citizen (at least I think so). I thoroughly know every corner of Saigon, from my flophouse to my office, nightlife activities, where to sing karaoke and where to tranquilly read a book. Am I a Saigonese?

Then suddenly one day, on the way going home, there is an infinity pool picture, sparkling in the night, hit me in the eyes. I’m basically a fan of night-swimming. The feeling of bobbing and drifting float in the middle of the water while starring at the night sky is unbelievably chill. That infinity pool strongly attracts me, it rises my curiosity and somehow rises on my excitement as I see a six-packs handsome guy.

The more I get to know him, the more he carries me along his talent, gentlemen, chivalrousness… What else should I expect more from a guy like that? I’m not an exception either. Oh, and, I’m mentioning about the place where has that stunning infinity pool.

It has restaurant, rooftop pool, quiet café, beautiful garden with all the things that I need, and of course, spruce security team. Last but not least, it only costs 8 million per month, which means, I have to pay for extra 2 million compares to what I’m spending every month. Well, I have to balance my budget, I’ve just stayed in Saigon for 3 months anyway.

Traveling on the same route every day, my feeling seems like, a little bit closer, just really closer, that I can touch the aspiration that turns me on. Awkwardly, I can see that view every night from my windows view.

And now, in a Thursday night, I am floating myself in the pool that I used to dream about. I proud of my sense which lead me to this decision. Just love yourself, when you can or even you can if you have to strive for a little bit more.

CityHouse Apartment.

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