March 18, 2020

CityHouse Apartment - Together We Protect Each Other

Since found out first positive case of NCOV in Vietnam. That was also the day, CityHouse started the campaign "Together we protect each other”. Looking back at stages, we have more motivation to continue fighting this difficult period.

• Started launching campaigns across all system. Warn tenants on precautions to avoid NCOV.
• Notice employees wearing facemask at workplaces and public areas to protect themselves and tenants. Employees work remotely and restrict offline meetings to protect each other.
• Protect tenants with a free facemask and handwashing program in every building.
• Providing tenants with notices and recommendations from the Ministry of Health and the Government of Vietnam continuously.
• Conducting regular disinfection in all buildings throughout the system.
Not only that, CityHouse won’t stop spreading positive messages to spread the campaign “Together we protect each other " more and more strong. Helping the foreign community in the system to truly understand the health of each individual is the health of the community.

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