Can cinderella find her castle for rent in district 7

July 17, 2018

Can cinderella find her castle for rent in district 7

I’m 21 years old, my friends used to call me Cinderella or Cindy because I’m too cute, maybe? I’m a student of dignity RMIT university. My university inherently does provide dorms but it’s always fulfilled with other students. Moreover, at my age, I like to live somewhere not too far because I don’t want to be late for school but not too close because I don’t want be noticed too much.

With $330 budget, I’m determined to find the castle in my teenage dream as all the Cindies out there want. The castle must be big, really big, really really big, … The castle must have 1 or 2 swimming pools for me, sun-bathing terrace for me, gym room so I can keep my princess body fit, restaurant so I can skip my kitchen thing because I’m lazy sometimes, convenience store to have a quick snack during sleepless nights for assignments, … and can I have them all with my $330 budget?

First of all, I must close the door of my guesthouse room because my neighbor is hangover again and starts to make some noise and fight with other boys in the neighborhood.

Continue to my dream, my name is Cinderella, Cinderella must stay in a castle, not in a guest house and living unexpected fears. That is my final destination, right princes?


A light aroma from frangipani flowers wakes me up. I slept over on the rooftop infinity pool, now I should get up and come to the restaurant on first floor to have a cup of coffee then get dressed and come to the swimming pool on the ground floor to date with my secret prince.

It’s completely reality. I am not dreaming. My dreams come true. I found my friend princess Aurora who also studies in RMIT and we decided to stay in Sonata castle with $650 for 2bedroom including servants to wash my clothes and do my dish-washing for both of us.

It’s quite silly when I find the castle before I find my dream prince but order is not a big deal. I found a cute princess to stay with me is wayyy more important.

Too cheap for a deal like this!

CityHouse Apartment | Sonata Residence

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